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Out of the hundreds of thousands of websites that only know how to whine about the problems of our time, this is one of the very few that actually knows how to take effective action. Subjects included in this site are...  Political Subversive Techniques -- Mechanical Aspects Of Jewish Conspiracy -- Forbidden & Suppressed Knowledge -- Computer Security Tools & Tutorials -- Information On Occult And Esoteric Subjects -- Information That Can Actually Be Used!

We Will End The Good Times For The Bad People

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History Of "Hidden Site Has Been Seized Pages!
This hidden site has been seized pages throughout the ages.

Exposed: The Secret Files
Mirror of a site that exposes the locations of various "important" people. Site was took down in the November raids on tor sites.

A site loaded with information about Asatru and Paganism. Focuses in particular on Lithuanian Paganism. Contains a small library with a few unique hard to find books. Enjoy!

RSS Feed Now Works, Among Other Things

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I finally got around to making a script to help automate most of the simple repetitive tasks involved in maintaining my site. So might actually start putting some work into it soon. After I restore the games download section that I forgot, who knows how long ago. Oh, right, RSS Feed is now fully operational. So subscribe.

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( also i've had no e-mail for quite some time. so if you wish to say any thing just post it to the chat for now! )

This website is in no way politically motivated. Isn't that just (awesome)!

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